Welcome to the Periodic Table of Elements Wiki Home Page


The periodic table of elements contains all the elements that mankind has discovered. In this assignment you and your group will be digging deeper into the wealth of information that the periodic table has to offer. Your job is to make a wiki page that contains valuable information pertaining to certain parts of the periodic table.

You and your group will be creating a Wiki page. Each group of students will be assigned a group of elements from the periodic table. You will then create a wiki page that contains information about your specific group of elements. Your group will become the experts on your group of elements, and your wiki page will provide all the information that your classmates will need to know regarding your group of elements. You will need to work together with your group to make a creative wiki page.

1) Your group will be assigned a specific group of elements.
2) You will need to provide the following information:

NOTE: You must answer each question completely and accurately.
• What period and group are your elements in?
• List the elements in your group.
• Is your group a solid, liquid, or gas?
• What are 3 physical properties of your group?
• What are 3 chemical properties of your group?
• What are 3 interesting facts about group?
• What are 2 common uses for your group?
• Upload a picture that shows where your group of elements is located.

3) After looking over the information required, you will need to decide which group member will do which part. Each member
MUST participate.
4) When gathering information, your group must use at least
THREE sources of information. This does not include citing pictures or graphics. Your textbook does not count as one of your three sources, but it may be used as a source. DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA AS A SOURCE!
5) Each source that you use must be
6) Get creative! Include at least 3 graphics that make your page stand out.
7) Organize your information in a manner that is easy to follow.
8) Follow the guidelines in the rubric to make sure that you don’t leave out any components.